Google updates Hangouts for Android with video messaging

The update for the Hangout in Android long waited and finally it is over. Both Android and iOS have received the updates v11.0 for video messaging in hangouts along with some specific changes. You will now soon be able to send video messages to your peers even if you are using the Android devices. It has the video camera icon at the bottom which easily enables to send you the video. Still it is not out officially but still, you can get access to its APK. The updated version of iOS app is already listed on the app store. However, you need to wait for some time interval till it gets updated on the play store.

google hangout

The video feature of Google Hangout in iOS was updated on February 2014. The time limit for the video messaging was increased from 40 seconds to 1 minute in March 2016 and in the latest update you will find the duration of the video increased till 2 minutes on app store platform. If you are able to download the APK for the video messaging, you can use this feature by just tapping on the record video icon and user will able to view it another separate app.

It is reported that it lacks in the in-line playback system. Though there are a lot of things coming in the update of Android 11, conversation merging for the app is not propelling in the features. But to this, Google has updated that, “Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it because it caused user confusion and had low usage.” The company has made sure that it won’t enable you to lose any messages, it will remain in the hangout itself.

On iOS, Google hangout 11.0 also got an updated for static gifs and square cropping for all the images.