Google’s map has a catching Pokémon activity on the timeline

Niantic is not the technical part of the Google, but it seems that few people from Google are connected with Niantic as an old stomping grounds and keeping up with Augmented Reality development. Reporters noticed some juicy addition of the new features in the Google’s map. Users can now indicate that they were catching the Pokémon from their phone i.e. playing Pokémon from their phone. Users can now also update their timeline activity on the Android page. The flow is Go to your timeline > Tap on the travel icon > edit to it by catching Pokémon.

pokemon go

Timeline feature is integrated with Google maps deep inside just in case if you are not aware of. Although a small fraction of the total users actually pays attention to this small integration. Timeline enables the users to check out his overview of where they are and if they somehow managed to use the Map’s navigation or driving mode to reach the destination, it would essentially give them step to step guidance of where they are and how they are traveling. Generally, Timeline used is mostly automatic but can be edited to a certain extent. Someone who is wheelchair bound can update their status or profile from walking to “by wheelchair” for more precision and accuracy.

Adding Pokémon catching to the list of activities is probably look fancier essentially just by walking with ta few shops just to throw the digital balls at polygon monsters. Recently, the news revealed that they have spotted a Poke ball graphics in a recent Google map for the Android month, but yet it is not sure that when Google would add this functionality.

This means Google is now better tracking Pokémon than Niantic is, at least until they roll out that new tracking function to more users. Which they should do. Niantic. Any time now.