Apple will launch iWatch Nike+ Edition

India was not amongst the first countries to get the Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 plus. It was also not first to launch the Apple watch series 2. But for the change, the Apple Watch Nike+ in India on October 28 in the USA, UK and other markets.

Apple Nike Watch.jpg

The Apple in India updated its website to show that the Apple Watch Nike+ model would be on sale on 28th October 2016. It also unveiled about its price which is Rs 32,900($492) for the 38mm model and Rs 34,900 ($522) for the bigger 42mm model. This model was revealed during the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

This watch gives the sporty look and feel with a lightweight, flexible fluroelastomer which is also used in Apple sports bands. It has Nike+ Run Club app with perforated straps and fitness-centric apps.

It is designed with inbuilt GPS which can track your pace, distance and route without even iPhone. Cherry on the top, it is water resistant up to the depth of 50 meters. The watch comes in 4 different color combinations to add the special look in the ecosystem.

This watch is a unique version of the Apple Watch Series 2 with a watch band and Nike watch faces/ complications. Nike has also created a Nike + Run Club social space that integrates with its Nike+ Apple Watch, and has even carved it’s swoosh into the aluminum back of the Apple watch.

It has shown quite improvement on its predecessor with a dual-core processor, a brighter 1000-nit Retina display with Force Touch and built-in GPS.


Apple reportedly claims to improve its cloud services

Apple is planning to improve its cloud services, by team building and developing the new technology which enables the Apple to run on its servers. This means they will have the iCloud, Siri, Apple Pay, Maps team, as well as parts of the iTunes and Apple Music teams, all at the Infinite Loop campus, rather than spread across the multiple smaller sites.


Perhaps more consequentially, Apple is looking forward for hosting the cloud services, which is presently taken care by Amazon and Google. Pie, is one of the software which they are enhancing to put all its services in a single place; it’s also said to be developing a photo storage system that Apple could host on its own.

This can be a boon for the Apple as Amazon and Google both offer unlimited cloud storage for options. Apple charges its customer beyond anything. Apple getting it together in the cloud isn’t simply a matter of bugs, it’s likely also a matter of lowering costs so that It can math competitors’ compelling offerings.

Google looks to bring down Face Time with Duo app

In 2004, Google amazed the world with the introduction of Gmail. And today it is the top most form of electronic correspondence in the United States. With the high rise of the population, Google has done a quite struggles to release the newer messaging tools that resonate widely.


Now, Google is up with the video chatting up called Google Duo. This would probably bring down the Apple FaceTime. As in the case with Instagram plagiarism of Snap Chat, Duo is not that similar to the FaceTime. Check out how Google’s Duo is different from the Apple’s FaceTime which is highly popular iOS video calling feature. On the other side of the coin, it was suspected that Google Duo is similar to the Apple FaceTime. Both has one to one video calling, the look is same, both supports end to end encryption. Video Quality depends on the how good is your Wi-Fi connection.

But Duo is up with some distinct features than FaceTime and one of the prime one is for Duo app has to be downloaded, while FaceTime is inbuilt in iOS device. Duo is released for Android and iOS both, this means your boundaries are just not stuck to Apple operating system when it comes to video calling.

Duo is a bit different from Google Hangout with some extra features and some easy to use interface. Duo wishes just to be a video calling app and not the jack of all trades in terms of communication. Another feature is, it enables knock knock feature which helps you to check out the live video of the user before you start the call. Google aims to create a scenario of what is up and why they want to chat. It may sound a bit creepy.

In a near future, it would be ready to download over at the Apple store as well as Play Store. Still people are not aware how Duo would work out. Google Hangout is amazing as it bridges out the gap between message and video chat which works for iOS and play store. The big competitors of this app are Facebook Messenger and Skype both having video calling function enabled. Users are curious to know, How Duo would motivate to switch over from the other video calling apps.

Apple’s new squirt gun Emoji heads a big political statement

iOS 10 is the most awaited update of every apple lovers. Something is coming up every alternate days. And recently, the news revealed that in the update of iOS 10, emoji of pistol will be removed and it will be replaced with lime green water gun. Once there was a deadly looking fun and now it will be replaced with popular toy known for kids. However, company recently announced that its toy gun symbol would be redesigned as a more realistic looking firearm.

apple gun emoji

In the upcoming iOS 10, users would also be able to see new emoji characters including women riding, surfers, constructions, workers and more women-centric emojis. The company decided to focus on gender diversity and also explicitly didn’t mention pistol thing. Jeremy Burge who is the founder of Emojipedia commented that, Apple has a got a very creative thought in terms of graphics refinement.

apple emojis

After the Tim Cook’s ruin, Apple took the stands on diversified issues ranging from gay marriage to whether change. And now the company is up with the issue of gun control. This issue was initiated when the company started the phase of the gun control. By showing the high power, Apple decided to block the rifle from making the recent version of Unicode. By replacing the water gun, Apple made its perspective very clear and transparent- real guns have no place in the market of emoji.

Still it is vague that, how this update will affect to the users. Apple haven’t made any Emoji. They are designed and coded by Unicode Consortium which initiated its service in 1991 to show how text and characters are read by computer.

Any company is always free to change the design of emoji’s, no matter about it’s look and feel. He added that, Samsung uses the symbol of crackers in place of cookie. Yes!! It is quite confusing but Unicode is never responsible how each company designs its emoji’s. Apple company is not first to opt for the gun like emoji.

Google updates Hangouts for Android with video messaging

The update for the Hangout in Android long waited and finally it is over. Both Android and iOS have received the updates v11.0 for video messaging in hangouts along with some specific changes. You will now soon be able to send video messages to your peers even if you are using the Android devices. It has the video camera icon at the bottom which easily enables to send you the video. Still it is not out officially but still, you can get access to its APK. The updated version of iOS app is already listed on the app store. However, you need to wait for some time interval till it gets updated on the play store.

google hangout

The video feature of Google Hangout in iOS was updated on February 2014. The time limit for the video messaging was increased from 40 seconds to 1 minute in March 2016 and in the latest update you will find the duration of the video increased till 2 minutes on app store platform. If you are able to download the APK for the video messaging, you can use this feature by just tapping on the record video icon and user will able to view it another separate app.

It is reported that it lacks in the in-line playback system. Though there are a lot of things coming in the update of Android 11, conversation merging for the app is not propelling in the features. But to this, Google has updated that, “Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it because it caused user confusion and had low usage.” The company has made sure that it won’t enable you to lose any messages, it will remain in the hangout itself.

On iOS, Google hangout 11.0 also got an updated for static gifs and square cropping for all the images.

Pokémon GO is making billions for Apple

Pokémon Go is a way to go all over the world. But Apple has already raised around $3 billion revenue from this Pokémon GO craze! It is inbuilt with in-app purchases, where crazy fans of Pokémon can buy “PokeCoins” from its app store. This news was revealed by the team of a company which is an asset management firm and financial advisor for the growth companies.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is a location-based, augmented reality game, which is available for iOS and Android devices developed by Niantic, Inc. It can download for free from iOS and Android devices but users need to pay for PokeCoins to buy the additional features. You can download the game from Apple App store at

The cost of the bundle of 100 PokeCoins is 99 cents on the app store of Apple, but it may vary to the $99.99 for the box of 14,500. Isn’t that, super high?

The analyst of Needham – Laura Martin wrote in the note of client that, it is believed, Apple would keep around 30% of the revenue spent on iOS devices, generated from Pokémon GO game upside to the earnings. According to the report, the sale on 10th July 2016 represented 47% of the entire US mobile gaming ecosystem. Additionally, 2/3rd Pokémon Go downloads are on Apple device by having 21 millions of active user in the United States after just a few weeks.

The Candy Crush which also made millions of dollars in 2013 and 2014, but this game Pokémon GO made more than 10 times of Candy Crush! According to the app analytics of sensor tower, people spend more time on Pokémon Go than on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Microsoft’s Skype for Business SDK for iOS and Android Apps

The Microsoft Business team always wants their customer to achieve greater value in their product. They moved ahead with a launch of Skype for Business App SDK for the third party developers to integrate Skype with their native apps. After the introduction of the Business SDK in March 2016, this tool is made available for download now. This new release by Microsoft will allow the iOS and Android developers to integrate their Skype service’s audio, messaging as well as voice experiences in their mobile apps.

skype for business

The deployment of Skype was clearly noticed in the last Microsoft I/O conference where a tele-health provider has developed an app. This app facilitates their patient to communicate with their healthcare providers. As Microsoft Office was also integrated into this app, hence providers can easily access their patient’s medical history and records.

Skype for Business will provide MDLIVE with a much more scalable architecture, so we can accommodate even higher volumes of video consults daily. The adoption of Skype for Business also enables us to deliver a significantly improved user experience for both patients and physicians.

Microsoft SDK Preview will initially focus on “remote advisor” solutions. This will help the organizations to communicate via. instant message, video and audio chat with their customers. Additionally, this will also allow their existing users and customers to use their Skype for Business Online infrastructure and Skype for Business servers during service integration into the custom app.

The Skype for Business App SDK preview is available for download on its official website, while its more detailed information can be found from Microsoft’s official blog.

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