Google looks to bring down Face Time with Duo app

In 2004, Google amazed the world with the introduction of Gmail. And today it is the top most form of electronic correspondence in the United States. With the high rise of the population, Google has done a quite struggles to release the newer messaging tools that resonate widely.


Now, Google is up with the video chatting up called Google Duo. This would probably bring down the Apple FaceTime. As in the case with Instagram plagiarism of Snap Chat, Duo is not that similar to the FaceTime. Check out how Google’s Duo is different from the Apple’s FaceTime which is highly popular iOS video calling feature. On the other side of the coin, it was suspected that Google Duo is similar to the Apple FaceTime. Both has one to one video calling, the look is same, both supports end to end encryption. Video Quality depends on the how good is your Wi-Fi connection.

But Duo is up with some distinct features than FaceTime and one of the prime one is for Duo app has to be downloaded, while FaceTime is inbuilt in iOS device. Duo is released for Android and iOS both, this means your boundaries are just not stuck to Apple operating system when it comes to video calling.

Duo is a bit different from Google Hangout with some extra features and some easy to use interface. Duo wishes just to be a video calling app and not the jack of all trades in terms of communication. Another feature is, it enables knock knock feature which helps you to check out the live video of the user before you start the call. Google aims to create a scenario of what is up and why they want to chat. It may sound a bit creepy.

In a near future, it would be ready to download over at the Apple store as well as Play Store. Still people are not aware how Duo would work out. Google Hangout is amazing as it bridges out the gap between message and video chat which works for iOS and play store. The big competitors of this app are Facebook Messenger and Skype both having video calling function enabled. Users are curious to know, How Duo would motivate to switch over from the other video calling apps.