Apple reportedly claims to improve its cloud services

Apple is planning to improve its cloud services, by team building and developing the new technology which enables the Apple to run on its servers. This means they will have the iCloud, Siri, Apple Pay, Maps team, as well as parts of the iTunes and Apple Music teams, all at the Infinite Loop campus, rather than spread across the multiple smaller sites.


Perhaps more consequentially, Apple is looking forward for hosting the cloud services, which is presently taken care by Amazon and Google. Pie, is one of the software which they are enhancing to put all its services in a single place; it’s also said to be developing a photo storage system that Apple could host on its own.

This can be a boon for the Apple as Amazon and Google both offer unlimited cloud storage for options. Apple charges its customer beyond anything. Apple getting it together in the cloud isn’t simply a matter of bugs, it’s likely also a matter of lowering costs so that It can math competitors’ compelling offerings.


Pokémon GO is making billions for Apple

Pokémon Go is a way to go all over the world. But Apple has already raised around $3 billion revenue from this Pokémon GO craze! It is inbuilt with in-app purchases, where crazy fans of Pokémon can buy “PokeCoins” from its app store. This news was revealed by the team of a company which is an asset management firm and financial advisor for the growth companies.

pokemon go

Pokémon Go is a location-based, augmented reality game, which is available for iOS and Android devices developed by Niantic, Inc. It can download for free from iOS and Android devices but users need to pay for PokeCoins to buy the additional features. You can download the game from Apple App store at

The cost of the bundle of 100 PokeCoins is 99 cents on the app store of Apple, but it may vary to the $99.99 for the box of 14,500. Isn’t that, super high?

The analyst of Needham – Laura Martin wrote in the note of client that, it is believed, Apple would keep around 30% of the revenue spent on iOS devices, generated from Pokémon GO game upside to the earnings. According to the report, the sale on 10th July 2016 represented 47% of the entire US mobile gaming ecosystem. Additionally, 2/3rd Pokémon Go downloads are on Apple device by having 21 millions of active user in the United States after just a few weeks.

The Candy Crush which also made millions of dollars in 2013 and 2014, but this game Pokémon GO made more than 10 times of Candy Crush! According to the app analytics of sensor tower, people spend more time on Pokémon Go than on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Apple Seeds Beta 2 of Mac OS Sierra to Developers

Recently, Apple is up with the second beta of MacOS Sierra; few weeks after WWDC 2016. This new operating system is developed for Mac to developers. These updates till now are available on the Apple’s website of developer portal. And above it, you can upgrade it from your device through the software update settings on registered devices. And according to the research, these upgrades should only be installed on the device that has the source for the beta software development.

macos sierra

The second beta of Mac OS Sierra is upgraded with some relatively extensive features like you can auto unlock via Apple Watch, Apple Pay via iPhone. This is done by using Blue-tooth technology which consumes a very low amount of energy, verifying who is in the front of the computer. Apple also published this information of how to activate this feature.

Hence Siri was finally launched first time on Mac OS allowing users to do a voice search for finding files and getting quicker information and much more. Alongside it includes iCloud integration which understands the importance of the user’s data and makes your file available on any mac device which is stored on the desktop or any Folder. Some other features include picture-in-picture mode for videos, speech recognition, an updated Map and photo app with the same feature of iOS10. And additionally, it has the ability to switch on the interfaces of the tabs for every application available on the Mac.

If you wish to install Mac OS second beta, check out this Developer Download site! In addition to the second Beta of Mac OS, Apple has also launched the build for iTunes 12.5 for Mac. No major updates were found in that built.