Android Wear 2.0 watches to launch early

The much hyped news of Google’s upcoming Android Wear 2.0 smart watches were in rumored past July. The two smart watches were expected to run on Android Wear 2.0. The name of that watch was reportedly named as “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”.


Before a year, Android Police reported the result of the Google’s first Android wear, which described about the prototype based on the description. Initially it was reported that both these Android watches will be released after the Nexus phones.

In one of the recent post, pictures were shown of the prototype of the Google Android Wear 2.0 watches along with the expected release date. Google’s push date to release the Android wear 2.0 will enable the firm for more time for refinement.

The Specs

The first Google’s Android Wear 2.0 was announced in Google’s IO conference. This new version includes handwriting support and full QWERTY keyboard of the OS. The Android Wear 2.0 will display the information about the other apps and one-touch smart replies. The replies would be based on the context of the received message. It will also feature on the Play Store exclusively for all the smart watches. It is yet to disclose the final date for publication. Need to stay tuned for the updates of the Google.


Google looks to bring down Face Time with Duo app

In 2004, Google amazed the world with the introduction of Gmail. And today it is the top most form of electronic correspondence in the United States. With the high rise of the population, Google has done a quite struggles to release the newer messaging tools that resonate widely.


Now, Google is up with the video chatting up called Google Duo. This would probably bring down the Apple FaceTime. As in the case with Instagram plagiarism of Snap Chat, Duo is not that similar to the FaceTime. Check out how Google’s Duo is different from the Apple’s FaceTime which is highly popular iOS video calling feature. On the other side of the coin, it was suspected that Google Duo is similar to the Apple FaceTime. Both has one to one video calling, the look is same, both supports end to end encryption. Video Quality depends on the how good is your Wi-Fi connection.

But Duo is up with some distinct features than FaceTime and one of the prime one is for Duo app has to be downloaded, while FaceTime is inbuilt in iOS device. Duo is released for Android and iOS both, this means your boundaries are just not stuck to Apple operating system when it comes to video calling.

Duo is a bit different from Google Hangout with some extra features and some easy to use interface. Duo wishes just to be a video calling app and not the jack of all trades in terms of communication. Another feature is, it enables knock knock feature which helps you to check out the live video of the user before you start the call. Google aims to create a scenario of what is up and why they want to chat. It may sound a bit creepy.

In a near future, it would be ready to download over at the Apple store as well as Play Store. Still people are not aware how Duo would work out. Google Hangout is amazing as it bridges out the gap between message and video chat which works for iOS and play store. The big competitors of this app are Facebook Messenger and Skype both having video calling function enabled. Users are curious to know, How Duo would motivate to switch over from the other video calling apps.

New App Could Improve Earthquake Warning Using GPS

Recent period of earthquake tremor is the name of stress and tensions uncommonly worldwide. In last few years, an immense number of small and large earthquakes happened far and wide. Nepal was one of the latest and the most prominent one to sufferer with the huge harm in this tremor. Earthquake is a name of fear everywhere throughout the world on the grounds as there is no expectation or theory before happening it. However, remember we live in the realm of innovation, where everything is conceivable. So the researchers are continually attempting to concoct something which can be useful for humankind. Particular tremor finder is not being developed yet but rather an application which is utilized for cell phone can improve a probability to something.

GPS earthquake

A fresh out of the box new Android application makes utilization of phone GPS sensors to hit upon tremors and gauge their places and extents in real time. The innovation might need to bring about a dense overall seismic system that may alert people who are a couple of kilometers faraway from a shake’s epicenter, giving them a few moments to find a protected spot sooner than the most intense tremors hit. Researchers on the University of California, Berkeley, have dispatched the free application, known as MyShake, on Google Play.


Tremor early-alerts frameworks exist today best in Japan and Mexico. The U.S. Topographical Survey (USGS) is as of now testing a machine known as ShakeAlert for the western America. These frameworks use data from systems of tens to 3 hundred seismic stations spaced kilometers aside.

GPS accelerometers, which could take nonstop estimations at a particular region, can likewise hit upon protracted term floor development at a geographical flaw that, with an astounding arrival of built up powers, results in a seismic tremor. Furthermore, in perspective that most cell phones nowadays incorporate these accelerometers, they may develop as a free, swarm sourced seismic checking group. “A cell phone system will be exceptionally thick, with a sensor or two on each square,” says Qingkai Kong, a graduate understudy who built up the calculation at the heart of the MyShake application. “It can supplement the current seismic system. Also, in Haiti or Nepal, where there is no customary seismic systems administration however a huge number of cell phones, this could be an ease framework to issue notices and spare lives.” Researchers at the USGS as of late reported that the estimations gathered from business GPS gadgets could to be sure enhance shake cautioning.

Yet, the new application is the essential functional way to spigot into the insights the cellphone GPS sensors offer. For one, its shrewd calculation that can separate between shudder tremors and regular human side interest. It does this by means of perusing the recurrence and plentiful of the accelerometer pointers, Kong says.

The alternative for the application is that it keeps running in the recorded past on a handset and draws a microscopic measure of force. Because of the actuality GPS is force hungry, the application makes utilization of it best for a while.

Google updates Hangouts for Android with video messaging

The update for the Hangout in Android long waited and finally it is over. Both Android and iOS have received the updates v11.0 for video messaging in hangouts along with some specific changes. You will now soon be able to send video messages to your peers even if you are using the Android devices. It has the video camera icon at the bottom which easily enables to send you the video. Still it is not out officially but still, you can get access to its APK. The updated version of iOS app is already listed on the app store. However, you need to wait for some time interval till it gets updated on the play store.

google hangout

The video feature of Google Hangout in iOS was updated on February 2014. The time limit for the video messaging was increased from 40 seconds to 1 minute in March 2016 and in the latest update you will find the duration of the video increased till 2 minutes on app store platform. If you are able to download the APK for the video messaging, you can use this feature by just tapping on the record video icon and user will able to view it another separate app.

It is reported that it lacks in the in-line playback system. Though there are a lot of things coming in the update of Android 11, conversation merging for the app is not propelling in the features. But to this, Google has updated that, “Merged conversations used to let you see your Hangouts messages and text messages in the same conversation. We have decided to remove it because it caused user confusion and had low usage.” The company has made sure that it won’t enable you to lose any messages, it will remain in the hangout itself.

On iOS, Google hangout 11.0 also got an updated for static gifs and square cropping for all the images.

Android’s latest encryption may force you to take a new phone

The recent research reveals that it’s now dramatically easier to crack the devices that use the chip of Qualcomm. When it comes to the security, Android has always shown some problems in terms of vulnerability attack. Security Expert Gal Beniamini had revealed major flaws of security in Android encryption. If you are using the Android Lollipop OS later versions, then you must be aware of the FDE (Full disk encryption) that Mr. Gal demonstrated. As it has public attack code, it can work against 37% of the enterprise user. And to be noted that, this fix is not the easy fix as installing the new interface; it is much difficult and might require hardware changes.

android logo

FDE was firstly implemented on Android Lollipop and above versions. It generated 128 – bit master key to generate user’s password. The master key is also known as DEK (Device Encryption key) is stored in user’s device which can be further encrypted using PIN’s password or swipe pattern. The reports also revealed that the key stored in a device can be cracked with the intelligent mind.

Security researcher explained about the attacker, how they can use brute-force attacks to get the keys that have Qualcomm processor. He also added that fixing such issues may require hardware upgrades. Google along with Qualcomm are working on these security patches. Not only did he show “how Trust Zone kernel code execution can be used to effectively break Android’s Full Disk Encryption (FDE) scheme,” but he also released the attack code.

FDE is used everywhere, and it can sometimes be dangerous to the public’s private data. These encryptions must be designed such that, no adversaries affect those private data. Current Encryption of Android is already affected by adversaries and not so strongly designed. Anybody can hack or any brainy mind can break it. Hence this is harmful to the data. Beniamini also added that, as such fixes would require hardware changes, these issues will remain until they upgrade the devices or switch on to the newer handsets.

Later, this debate ended with iPhone, when Apple refused to unlock an iPhone belonging to the terrorist involved in shooting. The FBI somehow managed to crack the device without Apple’s help and report also says that, they might have to pay $13 million for this whooping.


5 wonderful features of Android Nougat that you would love!

Recently, Android N was given the new name as Android Nougat, which is also considered to be Android 7. The name “Nougat” surprised many Nutella fans as there are many sweet dessert name starting with “N”. So, are you’re really aware of the sweet treats Google has stored in Android Nougat alias Android 7?  Here are some of the noteworthy exciting features:

Android Nougat

Better UI and Notification

This is the most advanced enhancement of Google with much better and user-friendly UI than before. Also, changes in the notification menu have made its UI much apparent and quicker. It is integrated with some cool interface, where you can get instant controls on the toggles when you swipe up and down to the screen. And this will give you the access to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth quickly and easily. The interface of notification is space-friendly, occupying the width of the screen, by making its font smaller than before. And according to the app, it is made to arrive in the full stack so that, your notification menus is not filled with separate WhatsApp messages. Additionally, Google has also enabled quick replies for the third party developers.

Multi-Window in one screen

There is no surprise that Android is the best in multi-tasking. This new feature is amazing, it will allow you to open two apps in one single screen at once either side by side or up-down in a split screen mode. It is also integrated with the resize feature, where you can drag the screen size according to your requirement. Additionally, the quick switch will enable you to quickly switch the last app by just double tapping the recent button in the app. Along with it, there is also clear all in recent menu interface which will obviously clear all the recent opened apps. And to the surprise, this feature is not currently present in Android Marshmallow. Split-screen view is one of the most amazing and expected features as it will allow you to surf as well as chat simultaneously in one screen.

Improved Battery life

Google has introduced to the Doze system in Marshmallow, which apparently saved enough battery when your cell-phone is in idle mode and now it has been improved in Android N. Doze will not only work in the stationary position, but also on the go. That means Doze is now ideal to save the battery of your phone when your cellphone is inside your pocket. Hence battery will last longer when it is in stand-by mode. Google also adds that when the screen is turned off for a short time during charging, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs. And when the screen is turned on, it will bring the device out of Doze automatically.

The return of night mode

Night Mode feature was expected to be seen in Android Marshmallow but due to some reasons, it was pulled off. Well now, it has stepped into the new Android Nougat which will give your eyes much relief, when the night mode is on. It can detect your location, and switch on to the daylight times keeping in mind light and dark mode of your location. Night mode will enable you to change the color scheme, reducing the amount of blue and white light that ease your eye strain at night.

Background Optimization

Project Svelte is one of the features that Google has introduced where those apps running in the   background can be optimized. This new interface much focuses on the apps running in the background that needlessly consume more memory and affects the performance of the system.

There are many other amazing features that Android Nougat has introduced. These are some of the basic features that give you the overview. There are many more subtle changes after the first build. You can check out the developers preview from

Make sure, you need to have the eligible device!

Microsoft’s Skype for Business SDK for iOS and Android Apps

The Microsoft Business team always wants their customer to achieve greater value in their product. They moved ahead with a launch of Skype for Business App SDK for the third party developers to integrate Skype with their native apps. After the introduction of the Business SDK in March 2016, this tool is made available for download now. This new release by Microsoft will allow the iOS and Android developers to integrate their Skype service’s audio, messaging as well as voice experiences in their mobile apps.

skype for business

The deployment of Skype was clearly noticed in the last Microsoft I/O conference where a tele-health provider has developed an app. This app facilitates their patient to communicate with their healthcare providers. As Microsoft Office was also integrated into this app, hence providers can easily access their patient’s medical history and records.

Skype for Business will provide MDLIVE with a much more scalable architecture, so we can accommodate even higher volumes of video consults daily. The adoption of Skype for Business also enables us to deliver a significantly improved user experience for both patients and physicians.

Microsoft SDK Preview will initially focus on “remote advisor” solutions. This will help the organizations to communicate via. instant message, video and audio chat with their customers. Additionally, this will also allow their existing users and customers to use their Skype for Business Online infrastructure and Skype for Business servers during service integration into the custom app.

The Skype for Business App SDK preview is available for download on its official website, while its more detailed information can be found from Microsoft’s official blog.

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