Salesforce updated the new feature for data accuracy!

Technologies are advancing and so large enterprise are. As the company advance form self-service to customer service, online forums become an integral part of it to get the quickest solution of any trouble shootings.

Recently, Salesforce released the new update in the cloud services for the managers to upgrade the data and put the perfect information for the visitors. The update is so called “intelligent lighting themes” which help the people to track the leads and improve the accuracy of a data.

In this update, Salesforce lightning voice allows to call a lead from their desktop and receive the detail information about the previous one – while giving the detail data of time and duration of the current call. This is unique because it’s tying the call into what they were doing in the application. This was the goal planned many years ago and have created a complete new web experience with a 360 degree of success.

salesforce lightning

This new feature is incorporated to make customer’s brand more powerful and building a strong relation between buyer and seller. According to the report, Salesforce is the third most popular vendor community building software. And additionally also much active in Lithium, Slack, Yammer, and other.

Salesforce lighting voice feature will be available in July 2016. It gives the full insight of the customer and also allows to take a note during call while navigating through other tabs in the application.

Moxley, the senior vice president of sales cloud product marketing reported that, initially they had to look up for the customers; contact them and then manually log the interaction. This is a very tedious and time consuming thing. Now when the customer hangs up the call automatically, it will log the interaction and so that everyone can go through it. By this, data accuracy has increased.

Salesforce Lighting voice has received the tremendous feedback and have also increased traffic and engagement. The pricing for this feature is 45$/user/month and additionally 5$ for inbound calling feature.

Kingston said that, it will be very slow process initially as user will take a long time to understand this automation feature!