Microsoft SharePoint remains underused inspite of improvements!

Though Microsoft adds extra features in the SharePoint with the hope to increase its uptake, SharePoint continuous to be an “underused” software. Below mentioned are the some of the reasons of a new survey by independent information analyst AIIM.

sharepoint 2016

According to the report, the company asked 274 people, regarding what company has to offer. And as per the survey, majority of the people were unaware and minority were somewhat with no such clear ideas.

SharePoint software, enables the users to collaborate the files, storing and synchronizing group work files. Still the report on “The impact of SharePoint 2016” reveals that, still there can larger user base in SharePoint software. Present scenario has around 200 million users worldwide.

Though, SharePoint has brought a great change in the way one can work, but the Bob Larrivee- the VP and CA, AIIM quoted that, it is highly unfair that many companies are complaining that their SharePoint project has failed or stalled due to the improper training given to the user. This happened, though SharePoint was with us for many years.

Still the mix reviews were found. Some users recommended to spend more time on SharePoint add-ons and some people recommends to spend more time to integrate other repositories.

He added that, SharePoint is the amazing platform, right training and user support is must to deliver more value than before, Microsoft is trying tough with the hope that SharePoint can further empower people and organizations. It offers a lot more than expectations to any organizations and the people that work within it.


Microsoft overhauls SharePoint Lists

Microsoft gave a modern look and feel to its content organization and made it mobile friendly. Users of the SharePoint will find the amazing ways of managing the list. This tool has become very much popular and because of this, it may affect the organization’s collaboration on the shared content.

sharepoint 2016

Chris McNulty – senior product manager of SharePoint Group stated that there is more than 10 million people list which is in use on the company’s cloud platform. This list guides you in organizing and collaborating structure data on the site of the SharePoint.

The update for the SharePoint list is available in the preview and in the first release, the user would be able to experience the modern list with the features like responsive and easy to use. And additionally, this update will be automatically available to the existing SharePoint Online lists.

The new updated list will also allow the user to group the data and add a column with the ability to view and edit items without leaving the list. This is done by the user for the great user experience and amazing the web services like Editing functions are made optimistic by allowing the user to improve the productivity and the number of changes in the list can be made at once. Additionally, users will be able to append to enhance the static information of the list.

The new scheme is designed to support the new version of the list. And if the user finds its non-compatibility, then it will revert back to the original one. Additionally, it was revealed that it has no plans to remove the classic interface. Other productivity enhancing moves are integrations with the flow, automation app, PowerApps and more.

With this productivity, it enables a business to create apps without writing the code. Hence, with these functionalities in the modern SharePoint list, users will be able to develop the mobile apps from the list. And it is integrated with on-premises exchange and SQL server which also includes Salesforce, Google, and MailChimp. The update is not yet available, but the company is planning to update after the release of SharePoint Server 2016.