Smartphones Lead More Bookings for Hotels & Flights

The travel & hospitality industry has phenomenally changed since last few years as the number of travelers largely prefer to use the smartphone to research and book their hotel rooms or fly tickets. Statistics determine that in 2016 around half of US travelers used their handheld device to research their vacation trip while fewer than 20% of the people used their device to book their online tickets. And as the generation is changing, people are getting updated with the new trends. According to the new discoveries, mobile bookings are hiking and getting highly impressive.


And now travel agents are much at a loss as people took it for themselves to block the tickets online in the best deals. As we are staying in the next evolution of travel era, mobile has its own vital importance. But some number of people do face the problem as they find booking the ticket as a catastrophic process as it has a lot to zoom in and out, filling up the details of mandatory fields and this might seem to be a very tedious task. Hence to recover this tedious task, travel apps have come into existence which makes the frustration out to book your travel tickets. By these, we can much make out that, tablets and smartphones are ruling the today’s travel industry and are the much primary method for the online bookings.

The travel flash report had generated the activity of more than 10,000 travel website which includes:

  • Online mobile bookings are increasing much quicker than desktop, 90% vs 10% over the first quarter
  • Bookings for the rental apartments are growing by 70%
  • On average $700 are booked via iPad compared to Android
  • Majority of flight bookings are done through Android devices
  • In-app bookings account for 15% of the total mobile bookings

Mobile is much responsible for the growth of travel & hospitality industry especially in terms of online bookings. With the smart device in everybody’s hand travel agents need to think about different strategies to boost their sales. And looking at the security there are many payment gateways apps, which are much secure and that can streamline your purchase experience.

Additionally, these days more and more visitors, especially who loves traveling relying on the mobile to check out the pictures, videos, and budget to check what they can afford – taking the small breaks throughout the day to plan for their next vacation trip.

And of course, use of mobility can save a lot of time and efforts. The smartphone is an ideal solution for the online bookings. The mobile-centric shift towards travel & hospitality industry will continue to grow in future. In the past travel companies who were relying on the web-based services will need to develop their own personal app or mobile site to attract the travelers. Mobility functions for the airlines will be more optimizing to provide the best experience and for staying competitive in the travel industry era.


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