Zend Server 9 supports PHP 7

Developers and administrators can now take advantage and learn PHP 7 quickly by using the Zend Server 9. Rogue Wave Software has released its Zend Server 9, which is a new version of PHP server released with new debugging proficiencies. This version has improved the overall performance and speed for the language.


Zeev Suraski, CTO of Rogue Wave and co-founder of Zend, said, “As Web environments are moving to PHP 7, we’re seeing more and more evidence that the promise of 2x performance is being realized, big time. To be honest, I can’t recall anything similar in the software space. Being able to halve your hardware after a mostly painless software upgrade; I don’t remember anything quite like that ever.”

Also included in Zend Server 9 is a gallery of community-driven plug-ins for extending the platform. Jobs can also be queued and cached for optimization while the servers themselves can be clustered for high availability.

A quick glance on Zend Server 9 features:

  • Offers support for PHP 7
  • Tracing code is redesigned cleanly and its modern UI is built in HTML5 technology
  • View full page with Z-Rays’ that facilitates easier and quicker view and analysis of data
  • Z-Ray Live and Z-Ray History offers full support for CLI processes
  • Web API’s reduce code tracing and information retrieval time from the back-end
  • Z-Ray history tracks PHP development and installation requests made in the past
  • Configuration of code tracing options is now streamlined
  • New access controls for easy, simple and hassle-free setup in development and secure configuration in production

The Zend Server 9 is released in two versions: Enterprise and Standard. The Professional Edition cost US$20 per month. The package also includes debugging support for developers. On the other hand, Enterprise Edition cost $80 user/month and contains debugging support for production. The Zend Server 9 also supports IIS Web Servers, Apache and NGINX. It is also available as a Windows binary, Mac OS X package, and a Linus package.

The Zend Server 9 is also available in Plus version which offers extensive support and also support for open-source tools. Both editions facilitate tracing and debugging capabilities.


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