Why User Interface & User Experience are critical for any website or mobile app?

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

One of the most vital components of any online store is the User eXperience (UX). That is why for any website or mobile application, user interface and experience play a big role. No matter how elegant a website looks, if it fails to deliver the kind of user experience that customers and buyers are looking for, they would leave the site and shop somewhere else. Since there are a lot of well-designed stores nowadays, shoppers demand that kind of experience from all sites.


The reality is that the user experience is affected by each and every element of a website. Any organization could have a well-designed site with great performance and navigation, but if the shopping cart lacks a shipping estimator, the business could lose buyers to a poorly designed site which has one. There is no denying the fact that User Interface (UI) design is the most important component of website development. Users appreciate useful and interesting sites and applications. Furthermore, UI design helps produce a UI that makes it enjoyable and easy for users to interact with good products.

The goal of a good UI design is to foretell users what they have to do when approaching an interface. Simply put, a great design is one that could help users accomplish any task in the most effective way possible. A web design or mobile application that is more usable draws more traffic. Moreover, visual consistency is a wonderful way of boosting the usability of the UI design. This is because it helps arrange and publish content in a structured way. An excellent user interface is one that makes it easy for users to quickly and easily access the most important content. To do so, it is necessary that the UI design prioritizes content that the website wants to show users in a certain manner. Having visual consistency between design elements on a web page could help highlight the most vital part of the website data clearly and concisely.

An impeccably designed user interface could evoke emotional response. A UI that conveys emotion could make a connection with the audience easily and hold them longer on the site. Emotions could drive the decisions that people make and a business could create an emotional impact through the UI design by maintaining consistency in the visual design.

Some of the elements that impact the user experience on a website or mobile app include the following:

  1. Visual appeals, including branding, colors, imagery and layout
  2. Site map, how the site is grouped and categorized
  3. Search and navigation, the ability to find what one is looking for fast
  4. Content quality and quantity, including images, text, and videos associated with products and product categories
  5. Usage ease, allowing users to navigate across the site easily, in and out of the cart, build shopping lists and find costs of shipping
  6. Performance of the website
  7. Help availability, such as email help, online chat, self-service accounts
  8. Payments processes and options, including various payment methods
  9. Shopping cart, whether it is visually appealing and shipping information available
  10. Merchandising, such as well-displayed promotional items, using best-seller lists, up-sells and cross-sells

For best results, one should always consult a professional software development company having expertise in UI & UX Design & Development services.


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