Salesforce acquires Chicago’s Gravitytank

Gravitytank is the Chicago innovation consultancy, helping the brands to grow their business and has been acquired by Salesforce.


This news was announced recently in one of the blog posts and it was revealed that they would combine their knowledge for drafting designs, research, and strategy which would help the customers of Salesforce to reshape their vision of the company and make a connection with the partner in the new ways.

Gravitytank was founded in 1999 and had worked with many brands including consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, digital technology and more all over the world. It has also worked with Chicago restaurant Bright Wok Kitchen on its menu and ordinary experience.

It was also revealed that since 16 years they have put the hard efforts in the design, research, and strategy which would bring clarity in the innovations. Shailesh Patel who is the partner of Gravitytank said that they are looking forward to continuing that work at Salesforce, which would help the customers with the great business opportunities on a larger scale as a part of the world’s best CRM platform.

Terms and conditions are not yet revealed. This is the second Chicago base agency Salesforce had acquired. The previous year, Salesforce acquired a start-up base company which was five years old named AKTA from the Chicago entrepreneur John Rao.

Salesforce spent nearly $4billion in 1 and half year for acquisition. With the offices in Chicago and San Francisco, its Chicago headquarters is actually right across the street from Salesforce’s Chicago office in River North.


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