5 Ways Beacons are transforming the enterprise

Today Bluetooth technology are the most effective and proven methodology but why it is not being used effectively?

People do use them, for instance, Google uses beacon technology. And even in 2013 Apple kicked off with iBeacons in the store. McDonalds too followed the same in 2014, and this drags the customers with the special deals on the eateries of McD. By 2015, many companies like Macy’s, Walgreens are making the use of Beacons to boost the sales.


But do you see the return on investment?

According to the recent research, the buzz for the beacon is not much in a boom. Though the big brands have adopted this beacon technology, the promise of beacon to revolutionize the world seems to be still premature. Today, there might be only 1% of people who would be using beacon enable push messages.

Though marketed but things seems to be not going on the track. We’re sick of ads, and we are creped out of business stalking our movements. Beacons or other versions of it would surely in filter out the retail experience eventually. But still, our generation haven’t reached that level yet.

But this doesn’t mean that Beacon technology is not useful. The innovations we see in the word because of beacon are not in the local mega mart but in the enterprise. Retail demonstrated the globe that beacon technology worked. We would be able to soon see in the enterprise, how beacons can add real value to the products.

Beacons would always be the safeguard in the smart offices, enabling the employees to work more productively, efficiently and collaboratively. Check out some of the instances on how they would like.

Streamlined access

With Bluetooth, one can unlock and lock the car without the keys, beacons can streamline the access of everything from physical to electronic records. Beacons can help in eliminating the extra add on like key cards and helps to save time and money of both company and employee.

Keeping track of stuff

What if you already know where every piece of equipment is placed from the scratch? Beacons help you to track the interfaces and helps in improving the services. Beacons would help the employees to spend less time in tracking. It enables the firm to know how their products are being utilized for planning more effectively, efficiently, rentals, purchasing and more. Doesn’t it sound great?

Keeping track of people

Beacons also aids the employees by keeping them aware of each other’s location. This is one of the major things in the huge corporate enterprise to contact with your colleagues, for setting up instant meetings or to find your buddy for lunch and for many more things. To be precise, it enables the employees to carry out the casual interactions easily to accomplish the task. Keeping track of the people also work well for the non-office firm like construction sites, warehouses, field work and more which could serve to be more critical rather than bringing productivity like keeping the people safe and compliant. In any emergency circumstances, one can reach out for help only if one can track the location of the individuals.

Navigation Service

Another use of Beacon technology is to understand where people wish to go and help them to find the way. By letting the information of your location to the destination, beacons make sure the time spent more is on working rather than wandering.

Automated Environments

Beacons helps in making our workplace more efficient, secure and enabling to finish the task without any manpower or the manual process.

  • Turns off the electricity, when the last person leaves the office.
  • Starts a meeting, when organizer enters the room.

These are the examples just to let you know, how automation works. It’s just like a small bite of a cake. Cherry on the top, it is not much highly cost. You can improve your productivity, security in just 10 bucks.


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