Google to pull support for Chrome apps for Linux, Mac and Windows

Recently, the news stated that Google has decided to phase out the support for the chrome browser apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac in the coming years. Chrome apps include Google Drive, Google store, calendar, Google news, Google Docs, Sheet and more. Most of these apps are hosted as regular web apps.

Many apps are integrated with the web store of Chrome. These apps can be downloaded and can be launched through the chrome browser. It enables to open in the separate window similar to the programs installed on the computer.

Very less percent of the users are active on Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All types of Chrome apps will remain supported and maintained on Chrome OS for the foreseeable future. Some new enhancements in the apps will be applicable to the Chrome OS devices including kiosks. For the developers, they are allowed and will continue to develop the Chrome apps for the Chrome OS, addressed by Rahul Roy-Chowdhury who is the VP product management at Google chrome.

The report stated that the new chrome apps will be will be available to the users on the Chrome OS starting later of 2016 and won’t be accessible on the Windows, Mac, and Linux. Existing apps will remain available and still be updated. The Chrome apps that are built till now and will remain accessible across all the platforms, with the developers having continued access to update them.

In the later quarter of 2017, Chrome apps won’t be available longer for Windows, Mac, and Linux but it will continue to surface the extensions and themes. Mr. Chowdhury also added to the post that in the first Quarter of 2018 users who are using these platforms will not be able to load the apps of chrome.


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