Apple’s new squirt gun Emoji heads a big political statement

iOS 10 is the most awaited update of every apple lovers. Something is coming up every alternate days. And recently, the news revealed that in the update of iOS 10, emoji of pistol will be removed and it will be replaced with lime green water gun. Once there was a deadly looking fun and now it will be replaced with popular toy known for kids. However, company recently announced that its toy gun symbol would be redesigned as a more realistic looking firearm.

apple gun emoji

In the upcoming iOS 10, users would also be able to see new emoji characters including women riding, surfers, constructions, workers and more women-centric emojis. The company decided to focus on gender diversity and also explicitly didn’t mention pistol thing. Jeremy Burge who is the founder of Emojipedia commented that, Apple has a got a very creative thought in terms of graphics refinement.

apple emojis

After the Tim Cook’s ruin, Apple took the stands on diversified issues ranging from gay marriage to whether change. And now the company is up with the issue of gun control. This issue was initiated when the company started the phase of the gun control. By showing the high power, Apple decided to block the rifle from making the recent version of Unicode. By replacing the water gun, Apple made its perspective very clear and transparent- real guns have no place in the market of emoji.

Still it is vague that, how this update will affect to the users. Apple haven’t made any Emoji. They are designed and coded by Unicode Consortium which initiated its service in 1991 to show how text and characters are read by computer.

Any company is always free to change the design of emoji’s, no matter about it’s look and feel. He added that, Samsung uses the symbol of crackers in place of cookie. Yes!! It is quite confusing but Unicode is never responsible how each company designs its emoji’s. Apple company is not first to opt for the gun like emoji.


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