Technology trends in Insurance industry

With the advancement of the digital era, Insurance industry has grown leaps and bounds, and the new innovations every day have made it’s quality much efficient in business practices. Though Insurance industry seems to be a very slow moving, but it has shown a significant shift in the past few years. The insurance industry has shown the growth in data intelligence, improved accuracy in underwriting and an emphasis on customer-center services and other processes. A large number of innovations in the digital world will still increase the advancement in Insurance industry products and services.

insurance industry

Below listed are the some of the trends that have hugely developed in the Insurance companies:

Big Data

The real-time data always plays a big role for the insurers in the terms of potential customers. Data based programs help the insurers to improve the efficiency at which the business changes meets the client expectation. Big Data helps in accessing fraudulent claims, risk management and analyzing the risk characteristics to decide which accounts would benefit and loss control services. Of all the coming technology big data will prove to be the potent agent in benefiting the insurance companies.

Internet of Things

Insurers are always on the look for real time data from the embedded appliances, equipment, automotive vehicles, factories and many others. These type of data help the marketers in pricing, risk management, and claim processing. And because of these reasons IoT is highly in the limelight in the digital era.


Small handheld devices are booming in the market and is widely becoming the preferred option of sales and strategies for dealers and agents. Still, consumers are looking for the best ways to mobilize the management practices in near future. Insurance companies are now offering mobile apps where their users can have easy access to their accounts, claim help, responses and report process, exchange information and many other things. It is estimated that 50% of the sales will increase in coming years which will enable better communication, touchscreen graphics, and other capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a technical term for sharing the data with the remote internal servers, store manage and process information. Cloud computing service will help the new standards in security, maturity deadlines, and some kind of different business process and technological standards. Insurance companies will have different cloud deployment options as a part of their cloud computing strategy.

Social Media and collaboration

Social Media is the biggest platform for the Insurance industry as it allows collaboration. It is the bridge for the dealers and consumers to share the information. Maximum insurance companies use these platforms get multiple benefits of social media strategies. Insurers are able to target new customers based on their life events and also use social media networks to communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

SaaS technology

These days insurance companies are adopting SaaS solutions because it offers highly affordable system, best security features, and less risk. With the SaaS technology, Insurance companies can access the superior infrastructures at a very minimal price. SaaS is a perfect solution for the Insurance industries to improve it’s efficiency at fewer rates.