Google’s day dream tool lets anyone to create VR notification

Google is up with the new Virtual Reality (VR) tool and it is planning its debut in the coming fall. In the meantime, company has planned to show some glimpse regarding what amazing things, they can deliver.

virtual reality

The newest function of Google revealed the simpler approaches on how to produce animation in Virtual Reality. The day dream lab’s experiment allowed the user to simply animate the scenes by the grabbing the objects and moving them around. And to the surprise, this virtual reality doesn’t require any master skills of 3D animation or any software application expertise. It is much easy than what we are thinking.

For creating 3D effects, developers generally use graphic editors to describe the scene more perfectly. But with this new function, user can simply catch the virtual toy to carry out scenes. No need to use editors and highly complex functions and codes or icons for representing the location.

Rob Jagnow – a Google virtual reality software engineer revealed in one of his blog posts that “These simple animations had a handmade charm that conveyed a surprising degree of emotion”.

These demonstrations also revealed that this virtual reality technique also works with the movable joints. Check out this video to know, how VR works with movable joints.

There was also some shared experience of the users regarding, the look and feel of the VR’s platform. But to the notice, the news of VR’s coming in public is still uncertain else the perfect date is yet to reveal.

However, according to the report, in this fall Google is planning to launch its reference design for Daydream VR headsets and controllers.


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