5 wonderful features of Android Nougat that you would love!

Recently, Android N was given the new name as Android Nougat, which is also considered to be Android 7. The name “Nougat” surprised many Nutella fans as there are many sweet dessert name starting with “N”. So, are you’re really aware of the sweet treats Google has stored in Android Nougat alias Android 7?  Here are some of the noteworthy exciting features:

Android Nougat

Better UI and Notification

This is the most advanced enhancement of Google with much better and user-friendly UI than before. Also, changes in the notification menu have made its UI much apparent and quicker. It is integrated with some cool interface, where you can get instant controls on the toggles when you swipe up and down to the screen. And this will give you the access to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth quickly and easily. The interface of notification is space-friendly, occupying the width of the screen, by making its font smaller than before. And according to the app, it is made to arrive in the full stack so that, your notification menus is not filled with separate WhatsApp messages. Additionally, Google has also enabled quick replies for the third party developers.

Multi-Window in one screen

There is no surprise that Android is the best in multi-tasking. This new feature is amazing, it will allow you to open two apps in one single screen at once either side by side or up-down in a split screen mode. It is also integrated with the resize feature, where you can drag the screen size according to your requirement. Additionally, the quick switch will enable you to quickly switch the last app by just double tapping the recent button in the app. Along with it, there is also clear all in recent menu interface which will obviously clear all the recent opened apps. And to the surprise, this feature is not currently present in Android Marshmallow. Split-screen view is one of the most amazing and expected features as it will allow you to surf as well as chat simultaneously in one screen.

Improved Battery life

Google has introduced to the Doze system in Marshmallow, which apparently saved enough battery when your cell-phone is in idle mode and now it has been improved in Android N. Doze will not only work in the stationary position, but also on the go. That means Doze is now ideal to save the battery of your phone when your cellphone is inside your pocket. Hence battery will last longer when it is in stand-by mode. Google also adds that when the screen is turned off for a short time during charging, Doze restricts network access and defers jobs and syncs. And when the screen is turned on, it will bring the device out of Doze automatically.

The return of night mode

Night Mode feature was expected to be seen in Android Marshmallow but due to some reasons, it was pulled off. Well now, it has stepped into the new Android Nougat which will give your eyes much relief, when the night mode is on. It can detect your location, and switch on to the daylight times keeping in mind light and dark mode of your location. Night mode will enable you to change the color scheme, reducing the amount of blue and white light that ease your eye strain at night.

Background Optimization

Project Svelte is one of the features that Google has introduced where those apps running in the   background can be optimized. This new interface much focuses on the apps running in the background that needlessly consume more memory and affects the performance of the system.

There are many other amazing features that Android Nougat has introduced. These are some of the basic features that give you the overview. There are many more subtle changes after the first build. You can check out the developers preview from https://www.google.com/android/beta.

Make sure, you need to have the eligible device!