Microsoft released the cross platform .net core 1.0

Microsoft recently announced in the Linux conference about its release of the open source platform .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0. Microsoft quoted that, .NET Core runtime, libraries and tools all are available for the developers to create more advanced web services.

dot net core

They have also released visual studio and visual studio code to run the .NET Core projects. You can get started at This announcement was made at the Red Hat Dev Nation summit in San Francisco and on the MSDN blog.

This transformation is said to be the biggest one as it will define Microsoft for the next decade. Rich lander the program manager of the Microsoft have said that they have created a new look for the .NET and have tailored all the requirements for the people. Moving forward .NET Framework and .NET Core and Xamarin are all important products that will continue to evolve, for Windows, cross-platform cloud and cross-platform mobile, respectively.

It is also said that, even development is carried out on the window server, the workloads of .NET Core will now be easily transferred from a Windows Server environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Apart from this, you can also share your code and reuse your skills across the entire .NET family. So you need to decide what is to be used and when you can use including mobile apps with Xamarin. And most importantly as common libraries are being used, in future .NET framework, .NET Core and Xamarin apps will also share new ideas.

But to the notice, yet Visual Basic and Signal are real-time communication frameworks are yet not supported. Yes, but this is the big change in embracing the relationship between Microsoft and Red Hat.


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