Microsoft’s Skype for Business SDK for iOS and Android Apps

The Microsoft Business team always wants their customer to achieve greater value in their product. They moved ahead with a launch of Skype for Business App SDK for the third party developers to integrate Skype with their native apps. After the introduction of the Business SDK in March 2016, this tool is made available for download now. This new release by Microsoft will allow the iOS and Android developers to integrate their Skype service’s audio, messaging as well as voice experiences in their mobile apps.

skype for business

The deployment of Skype was clearly noticed in the last Microsoft I/O conference where a tele-health provider has developed an app. This app facilitates their patient to communicate with their healthcare providers. As Microsoft Office was also integrated into this app, hence providers can easily access their patient’s medical history and records.

Skype for Business will provide MDLIVE with a much more scalable architecture, so we can accommodate even higher volumes of video consults daily. The adoption of Skype for Business also enables us to deliver a significantly improved user experience for both patients and physicians.

Microsoft SDK Preview will initially focus on “remote advisor” solutions. This will help the organizations to communicate via. instant message, video and audio chat with their customers. Additionally, this will also allow their existing users and customers to use their Skype for Business Online infrastructure and Skype for Business servers during service integration into the custom app.

The Skype for Business App SDK preview is available for download on its official website, while its more detailed information can be found from Microsoft’s official blog.

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